Welcome to The Everitt Home Team and thank you for visiting.  Lane and Pamela both grew up in Fort Collins, CO and have been here for over 35 years.  Lane carries on a rich family legacy of real estate entrepreneurs in Northern Colorado that started in the 1950's with Everitt Lumber, a small lumber company in Old Town Fort Collins.  His great grandfather sent his grandfather to start Everitt Lumber when he was in his mid twenties and it quickly expanded through a lot of hard work and "a bit of luck" as he would say.  Genuine, honest relationships eventually turned into a thriving commercial real estate development company known today in our community as Everitt Companies. Pamela has extensive experience in residential investments, design and investments and has worked through many remodeling projects.  She has a vast knowledge of the Fort Collins community and surrounding Northern Colorado and is well versed in contract negotiations and serves her clients faithfully and diligently. Lane and Pamela have a passion for the people in this community and a drive to help others live their dreams of home ownership, and together they help their clients build wealth through real estate investing. Lane and Pamela both serve the entire Northern Colorado real estate community and after combining forces in The Everitt Home Team, they carry over 30 years of combined real estate experience to serve their clients well.  They are honored to join you on your journey of home ownership and are very happy you have visited this site today.  We invite you to experience their knowledge of the Northern Colorado community to help you accomplish your dreams and goals through real estate investing and home ownership.

Our Best to you in your real estate journey,

Lane and Pamela Everitt



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